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Following the announce of the Sunset Suburbia project - having released two EPs in 2019 - Diesel is back with the brand new full-length ‘Sunset Suburbia’ album. It will be the 14th studio album and although keeping busy with "love" projects ‘Americana’ and a greatest hits package ‘Diesel  30’, it will be his first record of all new material in almost six years. 
Sunset Suburbia is the product of 30 years of making music. The record is diverse with new ideas while being cohesive at the same time with subtle references to sounds you may recognise from the past.

Diesel explains the meaning behind the album concept saying, “suburbia has always held a strange fascination for me. It’s kind of a bittersweet thing but it’s the stuff of life and it has a way of making songs. More than other releases, I’ve gone wide with letting influences infiltrate”.

Diesel and his three-piece band will hit the road for a national run to celebrate the release of Sunset Suburbia. Playing highlights taken from his latest release, plus a selection of his greatest iconic hits including ‘Tip Of My Tongue’, ‘Cry In Shame’ and ‘Soul Revival’, these shows are not to be missed.
Diesel says, “as always, touring these songs with the band they will no doubt take on a life of their own and in turn have influence on the rest of the set, comprising of a collection of hits, forever changing as they are still finding their place in the world too”.
Join Diesel and his band as they travel the country on the Sunset Suburbia Band Album Tour. Tickets are on sale now!