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Lindsay Webb is busy - and loves it. A stand-out stand-up, he is known internationally for his lightning-quick wit, indefatigable puns and insatiable gig schedule. An all-star of the festival and club circuit, his annual calendars are a jam-packed who’s who and what’s what of events, festivals and club gigs.

And, no different to any other year, 2019 started with a bang that has only gotten louder since, starting with a  superb run at the Perth “Fringeworld Festival”.

February saw a return to the open ocean for Lindsay after a three year break – performing, amidst a demanding tour schedule, occasionally onboard the P&O Comedy Cruise ships both here and in NZ..

At the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Feb/March, Lindsay had an incredibly run of his new show “Good Plan”, for which he also one an award at the inaugural Launceston Comedy Festival.

Lindsay is renowned for his inexhaustible work ethic and broad appeal.  From festivals, cruise ships, corporate events, podcasts and comedy clubs… If it involves comedy, Lindsay is the man for the job. Get to a live show of his and see what the commotion is all about.

Lindsay is truly an International act worthy of the title, with a unique, homespun story to tell. From humble beginnings in rural ?, Lindsay learned the art of humour young[RC2] . …

“Webb is an animated & clever storyteller. You can’t help but have a good time” **** Herald Sun 2014

“Webb should be a household name. His effortless comedy is not to be missed” YAWP 2014

“He made my eye POP out from Laughing so much” Roberta, Geelong 2010

He was Voted by Customers and peers as “The Best Australian Comic” at the Festival.

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