Hi! I'm Nikki. Artist, coach, writer, hiker and all round seeker of creativity and living life my way. 

Creating my artworks is as much about following my intuition as it is applying methods and techniques I have learned. I often start with laying down colour or lines to the blank surface and allow shapes and images to emerge and direct me towards a certain topic or style.


Building layers and allowing subtle shifts in tone and texture to carry through my work is important and to me adds much more interest than the attainment of ‘perfection’.


Most of my pieces include watercolour, inks, acrylic and oil pastel to varying degrees based upon the size, surface or subject.


I am naturally drawn to the beauty of landscapes and animals and find them to be soothing and flow easily from my hand.

When I take on figurative pieces it is both a challenge and chance to try and capture life and character in one. While I enjoy creating these, abstract painting is often a go to when I am seeking to express the complexity of my imagination that can’t quite be defined by something literal.

I am a multi-passionate person who seeks constant development, learning and adventure in my personal life and I believe it is this insatiable need for more that has resulted in such varied artistic pursuits.

It is my wish that people who resonate with my art will find me, so that they can be inspired by, purchase or commission their own artwork.

For more artwork, behind the scenes and to become a part of the community follow me at:

@nikki.wouters.artist on Instagram
@artbynikkiwouters on Facebook