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This series is a reflection of my own personal revolution. Centred around themes of sexuality, identity, expression and beauty, these pieces are a test of patience and a labour of love. Created mostly during the onslaught of the pandemic, turmoil is transformed into art by a woman who is struggling with the very essence of who she is while seeking clarity in unfamiliar spaces.

Influence is drawn from Prague based pencil artist, Silvie Mahdal, whose attention to detail and ability to capture beauty in simplicity provides an endless source of awe.

I hope to find you vulnerable, lost in eyes and tracing curves.

All works are for sale. Enjoy!


Riannon Hill


BIO: Riannon is an emerging Queensland based Artist currently located in her home town of Gin Gin, where she studied Visual Arts throughout high school. Picking up the pencil again in 2018, she pursues art once more as a means of self-expression with the intention to light a spark in curious minds. Riannon is currently developing her style using graphite and charcoal with a focus on realistic pencil drawings; building her portfolio and undertaking commissioned works.


Contact for sales and commissions via or on Instagram @rannysramblings